Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Blank Timeline

History Timeline, blank PDF, SOTW, Story of the World, volume 4, printable
I've put together a timeline document which can be used for tracking events during modern history times.

I recommend printing it on card stock, or heavy paper so you can print double page spreads of 100 years each, back to back like a booklet. 

First, print pages 1, 2 and 3.  Then feed page 2 back in to print page 4 on its back and feed page 3 back in to print page 5 on it's back.  Finally print page 6.

(You can do this in 2 steps:  Printing pages 1,2,3 and then replacing 2 and 3 in your page feeder and printing 4,5 and 6.)

For events that span decades, color in a bar representing the time and lable it directly on the colored bar.  For events that are brief mark an asterisk or other symbol on the timeline and note the details in the lined section at the bottom.  You can color code the bars and events by region.  This chart has enough space to place 30 concurrent events.

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