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This blog project is designed to help me index support materials we will be using for Story of the World Volume 4.

We are studying Modern History this year, and I have developed this blog to organize the online materials that my kids will be using to support their reading.  The blog will help me keep all my planning materials in one place, so my kids can find it with ease.

  • There will be primary sources and extension materials for my 8th grader
  • There will be a few other activites for my 4th grader, although only because I stumble upon them, as I feel that the SOTW books and activity guide provide ample resources for the Grammar Stage.

You will still need to own copies of the Student Text and Activity Guide to use this curriculum effectively.  I also use the audio recording that accompany the books.  (Great for covering History while driving to violin lessons and back!)  All the resources you need are available at Amazon and can be found using the Get the Books Link found above.

I hope that you will find this blog useful! My plan is to update it 3 times a week with new material progressing through the year.

Use the comments section to post any relevant ideas or resources you'd like to add.
You can purchase copies of Story of the World books from Amazon: Link  or by clicking the Get The Books tab at the top.

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