Thursday, August 30, 2012

SOTW 4: 5A - The American Civil War

PARENTAL  DISCRETION ALWAYS ADVISED FOR VIDEO VIEWING, this part of history depicts a lot of war and violence.

Narration/Outline/Notebook Page: Link

Primary Sources:
Secondary Sources:
Video Enrichment:
On-Line Course - for older students or Civil War Enthusiasts who wish to learn more about this period in history and want to watch university lectures, there is a FREE lecture series from Yale University - The American Civil War this series contains 27 lectures, indexed here.  The lectures and downloadable course materials are all free! (You can locate lecture "chapters" on the right side of the video window.)


Horrible Histories - American Civil War - HD 1080p (3 mins)

  • Playmobil: Civil War 1862 (5 mins)

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