Wednesday, August 1, 2012

SOTW 4: Chapter 1A Queen Victoria's England

Printable page for narration/outline:  Link
Coloring Page for Grammar Stage:  Link

Primary Documents:  

  • Victorian Publications - multiple  Victorian publications including Arnold, Browning, Darwin, Tennyson and many more.

Secondary Documents:

  • Extensive Authoritative Website dealing with  Victorian England:  Victorian Web
  • Interactive Scrapbook - includes some primary documents:

Video Enrichment:
  • Video Documentary about Queen Victoria from the Kings and Queens Series:  
    • 3 parts, 10 minutes each
    • Part 1: Link
    • Part 2: Link
    • Part 3: Link

Edu-tainment Nonsense:
Queen Victoria:  Horrible Histories Music Video (3 mins)

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