Saturday, August 4, 2012

SOTW 4: 3A - The Great Game

PARENTAL  DISCRETION ALWAYS ADVISED FOR VIDEO VIEWING, this part of history depicts a lot of war and violence.

Outline/Narration/Notebook page: Link
Wikipedia page on Dost Mohammad: Link

Primary Sources:
I have found none so far, please let me know if you find any!
Closest time-related document I found was an account of a pilgrammage to Mecca in 1853 by Sir Richard Francis Burton

Video Enrichment (for older/mature audiences)
A video which presents Afghanistan's war ridden history. The first half of this video references modern Afghanistan (and the war with the Americans.)  It then begins referencing Alexander the Great's invasion of Afghanistan, Budism, Gengis Khan...

warning: depicts war

Part 2, continues with the Mongol invasion, Mogul Empire, Persian Empire, Russians, British both invasions.
Watch 7 minutes of this one to complete coverage of the material covered in the lesson book.

depicts war

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